As a customer-first organisation, Atrom invests in our most valuable resource – our people – to offer best in class services in line with our values and ethos.
At Atrom, we work alongside our clients to deliver real organisational change by providing actionable insights and experienced, high-quality delivery skills. Of course, we can only do this with the best people – fortunately, we work hard to recruit and retain the best in the business!

Our core team offers decades of experience in their chosen field – from large scale delivery programmes to complex technical solutions or analysis of seemingly intractable business challenges. We enable our team by providing the support we all need to thrive and creating an environment in which we can all live by our values (and we really do!).

Our services are wide-ranging, yet complement one another in the process to help businesses thrive. We specialise in:

Through each of these specialisms, our team can digitally enable you every step of the way, delivering real improvements through our unique combination of business analysis and technology skills.Ultimately, we are a people focussed company. We take pride in what we do and constantly strive to delight our customers. We also have fun along the way! If that all sounds good to you, we’re always on the lookout for good people – drop us a line here.

Our Values

These are the values the Atrom team collectively agree on each year. They’re our guide throughout the Company when we have to decide the course of delivering value for our customers and when interacting with our colleagues.

Be You

At Atrom, we are authentic in all we do. We promise what we know we can deliver and we support each other, allied to an ethos of togetherness and equality.

Ego has no place in Atrom which means that we are focused on the impact we can create as a collective.

Work It

We take responsibility for our actions and decisions and act with integrity. We are ethical in our conduct towards each other and with our clients.

We have an open and honest environment in which regular feedback is encouraged and welcomed so we can all understand the impact we are making.

Own It

Every member of the Atrom team takes responsibility for their actions and business decisions and are supported in doing so by our colleagues

We are self-motivated and self-guided and are not influenced by outside distractions.



Find Out

Our people are curious by nature which means that they find creative solutions to challenging problems.

Our curious nature means that we can openly challenge one another without fear to create an open and inclusive environment which delivers the best outcomes for our people and clients.