Our Vision

To make digital transformation available to everyone

Our Purpose

Embrace change through technology

Why work for us?

Atrom is a rapidly scaling digital transformation specialist. Our vision is to make digital transformation available to everyone and we have been achieving that. Over a four-year period, we have grown by 50% and have a clear vision and know exactly where we are going and how we are going to achieve over the next 10-years.

We also believe that a happy, motivated, and engaged team who have a clear development path alongside a defined diversity, equality and inclusion policy has led to greater innovation and creativity in Atrom’s culture. It is this combination of great people with delivering an excellent customer experience that is the reason for our success today.

Roles Available

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Our Values

Be You

At Atrom, we are authentic in all we do. We promise what we know we can deliver, and we support each other, allied to an ethos of togetherness and equality.

Ego has no place in Atrom which means that we are focused on the impact we can create as a collective.

Work It

We take responsibility for our actions and decisions and act with integrity. We are ethical in our conduct towards each other and with our clients.

We have an open and honest environment in which regular feedback is encouraged and welcomed so we can all understand the impact we are making.

Own it

Every member of the Atrom team takes responsibility for their actions and business decisions and are supported in doing so by our colleagues

We are self-motivated and self-guided and are not influenced by outside distractions.

Find Out

Our people are curious by nature which means that they find creative solutions to challenging problems.

Our curious nature means that we can openly challenge one another without fear to create an open and inclusive environment which delivers the best outcomes for our people and clients.

Our People

We have a high-performing dynamic team that is the envy of our competitors and we operate at a rapid speed, communicate our challenges, and collaborate to discover solutions.

We have faith in our employees to accomplish their tasks, promote their ingenuity, and recognise their successes. Our culture is one in which everyone is cherished, health and well-being take precedence, and ideas are freely voiced and listened to. Our culture is varied and inclusive, which fosters greater innovation and creativity.

Our team is comprised of spirited, egoless people having fun and building something bigger than themselves.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The foundation of our work is to build long-term, mutually respectful relationships with people from different backgrounds and cultures. We can’t do it without a firm commitment to racial equity, cultural diversity, and social inclusion.

We want Atrom to be a workplace that is welcoming to all employees. We want to open doors for everyone, especially those who are underrepresented. There is no unjustified discrimination in the recruitment and selection, performance management, and compensation processes at all of our operations and promotion is given fairly across the board.


How can I find out what it’s like to work at Atrom?

As we progress through the recruitment process you will get a sense of who we are and you will also have an opportunity to speak with employees.

What should I do if I need reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process?

Atrom will work with candidates to make reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process.

Will feedback be available after the recruitment process?

We really appreciate the time and effort candidates put into their applications and throughout our selection process. If you are shortlisted to attend an interview or assessment centre, we will be able to arrange a mutually convenient time to share feedback with you at the end of the process.

What is Atrom’s approach to hybrid working?

Agile working is now standard across Atrom, and office working is driven at a team level. At Atrom, there’s no mandate to work from the office full-time. We now find ourselves working fluidly between, home, office, and client sites. Where we work day-to-day is driven by what best suits the needs of our teams and clients alike.

Where is Atrom based?

Murrays Exchange Floor 2 Unit 1 1-9 Linfield Road Belfast BT12 5DR

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