Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting

The rate of technological change in the world around can be bewildering! Often, it’s challenging for organisations to know which of the myriad of possible approaches to choose. At Atrom, we marry our business analysis expertise with deep technical knowledge, adding our extensive project delivery skills into the mix to help our customers along the path to their desired outcome.

What is Digital Consulting?

At Atrom, we have real-world experience in shaping and delivering transformative programmes to meet organisational goals. We help navigate the sea of technology trends and options to focus on what matters to our customers. We use new technology capabilities to bring our insights to life and deliver value. Not technical? That’s no problem: the majority of our work is with non-technical service facing stakeholders. We’re more than happy to engage your IT teams to ensure any technology applied to a solution works for your organisation and is deployed in support of governance, risk and compliance standards.

What does the process look like?

Our approach exercises the best of our expertise across analysis, technical design and delivery – all wrapped in our field-proven project delivery skills. We’re flexible in our approach, and work with our customers in matching how we agree on what’s needed with a way of working which suits everyone. Read more about our four-stage process below.


We work alongside customer teams, stakeholders and service users to understand challenges so that we can offer actionable advice and direction to deliver the desired outcome. Discovery is a collaborative process between our Business Analysts and customer stakeholders. Together we can define how things are currently done, your drivers for change and what your future needs are. Discovery can take the form of workshops, interviews, technical assessments and more – our experienced team is flexible in working out the best-fit approach for each customer.



  • Challenges defined
  • As-Is process maps
  • Requirements list
  • To-Be process maps

Plan & Prototype

Following Discovery, we work with customer teams to convey findings and gather feedback. We build prototypes to demonstrate the art of the possible and encourage ideas. Sometimes, customer stakeholders can struggle to visualise what their processes and requirements will translate into in terms of a solution. A picture paints a thousand words and a prototype provides something tangible for end-users to get a feel for the solution. We find this approach generates momentum and increases the adoption of any solution, leading to a better return for our customers.



  • High level plan for delivery
  • Working prototype
  • End user feedback
  • Joint vision


Aligning to our ethos of building end-user adoption into our process, we adopt an agile delivery approach. Our solution delivery team will work closely with customer stakeholders, ensuring they are involved throughout the delivery lifecycle. We achieve this through the completion of iterative delivery sprints, with customer feedback obtained regularly. This ensures our customer stakeholders are shaping the solution they will ultimately own, prevents surprises at the end of the delivery process and drives end-user adoption of the solution.



  • Solution design
  • Solution build
  • Solution testing
  • Solution training

Improve & Support

Once a solution is deployed, we continue to regularly encourage customer feedback. We build in time to action requests from stakeholders, ensuring that solutions are living things and maximising solution investment. Processes and organisational requirements will change over time and it’s vital that a solution can be updated to reflect these changes. We’re also there in the event that something goes wrong, with expert technical skills to address your issue and get you back up and running again.



  • Solution enhancements
  • Functionality requests
  • Technical support
  • Customer service management

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