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Healthcare Solutions

Our Clinical Stock Management Solution enables healthcare providers to manage stock levels and to track the use of their critical clinical supplies. Accurate stock information and low stock alerting allow clinical teams to better manage stock levels, improve their stock ordering process and reduce the need to hold stock ‘just in case’. The solution alerts when stock is approaching its use-by date – reducing waste and unnecessary cost. Improving the overall visibility of stock can considerably improve the efficiency of clinical teams and enables staff to spend less time performing unnecessary admin tasks and more time providing patient care.

In addition, the solution can also assign individual stock items to specific procedures, providing audit information and the ability to calculate the total ‘cost per case’ of each – providing invaluable management information which can help to inform clinical decision making.

The solution utilises barcode and Passive RFID technology to manage stock items. Stock is RFID tagged by staff when it arrives in the department and is ‘Checked In’ to the system. Stock will be shown as ‘In-Stock’ until it is used as part of a clinical procedure and is disposed of through the agreed disposal process. The implementation of RFID portals within the disposal area will allow RFID tags to be automatically read at the time of disposal and to be taken off the current stock list. The use of RFID handhelds provides additional functionality for exceptions and stock audit processes.

Our web-based application allows the department to interrogate the stock levels and to set up regular alerting based on agreed parameters. Base reporting functionality includes current stock levels, low stock levels, and expiring stock levels along with other custom reports as required.

Technology Solutions

At Atrom we understand how challenging it can be to navigate the myriad of options available to select an appropriate technology solution – especially when the works in question often form part of a digitally transformative programme. We are a Microsoft partner and utilise Microsoft Cloud solutions, primarily Microsoft 365, to underpin our services. Our team offers deep experience in deploying new offerings, from helping with user adoption, to creating automated workflows, using technology to help automate daily routines, increasing productivity and reducing the need for your staff to complete repetitive tasks.

Please see our services proudly listed on the G Cloud Marketplace for detailed service descriptions. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Microsoft 365 Consultancy
If you need any expertise making more of your Microsoft 365 investment, automating tasks, creating approval workflows, understanding how to adopt Microsoft Teams – please get in touch.

Microsoft Power Platform Consultancy
Unlock the power of the Microsoft Power Platform to help quickly create new internal apps and workflows to replace repetitive tasks and enable your staff to focus on more valuable activities. We can help enable a culture of internal innovation by showing how the Power Platform can be adopted by seasoned IT professionals and ‘citizen developers’ alike to create value.

End User Adoption
For the value of any new technology asset to be understood we need our users to use it. We strongly believe that user adoption is a key differentiator in how we deliver projects, particularly when augmenting or transforming existing ways of working with Microsoft 365. Our Prosci qualified team will help make your investment worthwhile.

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